Sunday, October 17, 2010

How EVLT ruined my health

All the research suggested a simple and painless procedure. Yeah right !  Four years later and the problems just keep coming. From the minute the procedure was over, it was downhill from there. Fluid retention, nauseated, swelling, pain, throbbing, veins worse than those the procedure was supposed to fix, and the list goes on. The surgeon who performed the procedure (and took my $2000) just shrugs his shoulders. No doctor has been able to explain nor rectify my problems.

And to add insult to injury, approaching the very doctor who developed this "revolutionary" procedure was met with "Sorry, he does not see patients any more". This was after an offer to travel from Australia to New York to see him.  What a cop out. Sounds to me like he does not want to be confronted with any negative outcomes.

All in all, a waste of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours seeking answers, and declining health.

Beware of this procedure. Ask plenty of questions about the potential problems.